Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Conspiracy Friday Night Live Podcast 60 - August 22nd 2008 - Cypress Hill - Stig Of The Dump - Douglas Bickford - Jah Jah and more

Special live guests on this packed show include :

Cypress Hill's exclusive brand new album is the subject as we connect with Sen Dog live from a recording session with Cypress Hill. So much exclusive and heart-rendering information was delivered within this interview alone, that the thought of having to type its content, makes me cry and reminisce over photos of dead relatives.

The UK's lyrical monster, Stig Of The Dump joins us for a long and sober interview, touching upon subjects such as battling, homelessness, depression and Robbie Williams. A nice Conspiracy classic interview here - see what really makes this man tick as he opens up wide for the Conspiracy Radio Team.

In the true spirit of Conspiracy Worldwide Radio, a spontaneous call to Jah Jah , regarding surveillance and how our every move is tracked and traced, results in a full scale disagreement between her and political observer, Douglas Bickford. What occurs within this 30 minute section is far from planned or tidy but this feature alone will be hailed as a Conspiracy Classic, as Douglas Bickford reveals all about Barack Obama, George Bush, World War III and so much more. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS WHAT DOUGLAS HAS TO SAY HERE!

A classic comeback show!


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