Friday, August 08, 2008

The Conspiracy Friday Night Live Podcast 59 - August 1st 2008 - One Be Lo - Binary Starr -Truth - Skinny9er's Slot and much more!

Special live guests on this hectic show include :

One Be Lo is with us to talk Islam, Binary Starr,his new album and so much more, including the reason why he is seen as one of the most talented artists in the hip hop culture.

UK artist Truth steps in to discuss his track "Real Gangsters Wear Suits", the state of the Uk scene and his plans for 2008.

PLUS! We lift the lid on some exclusive news stories with our news correspondence Shepa, including the Death Row Records saga.

This show was brought to an untimely end because of law enforcement agencies. Hear the drama unfold as it happens and understand that we will NEVER EVER EVER STOP.


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As a special bonus this week we bring you a piece of Conspiracy Worldwide Gold - here is the most controversial man in modern broadcasting, Skinny9er, on his very own live radio show "The Skinny9er Slot" recorded in January 2006.

On this controversial show, he candidly speaks his mind about artists and fans as well as playing over an hour of music selected form his personal stash.

A Cut-throat show from start to finish.

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