Saturday, September 06, 2008

The Conspiracy Friday Night Live Podcast 61 - September 5th 2008 -Joe Budden - People Under The Stairs - Brother Ali - MURS and much more!

Special live guests on this rejuvenated, energy-filled show include :

Joe Budden joins us to discuss his controversial career, from his first album to his new release - meet the REAL Joe Budden and be surprised at how honest and likable this guy is. A great interview!

Hip hop's most lovable duo, People Under The Stairs are with us in the form of Thes One to discuss their new album, Fun DMC rapidshare and the humble beginnings of their rise to hip hop notoriety. Hear the secrets revealed here, as Thes One opens up about his relationship with AC The Program Director - someone he openly lables as a "nobody" and asks us to move on. OH MY GOD - DANGER!

Lyrical oli painting, MURS, steps into the studio to talk about what he would do if he was the president of America, his new album of the same title and much more. What a laugh this guy has!

Brother Ali walks away from a busy tour schedule to spend quality time with us on this show and explores his insecuriies, his life experiences and pinpoints why and how he is seen as one of hip hop's most prophetic ryhmesayers. He also confrims that he wasn't a male (or female) porn star before picking up the microphone.


As one of the most enegetic shows in the past few, trouble-filled, months Mista Montana (in controversial form) and Menace deliver an action-packed 4 hours of broadcasting, deciding which Conspiracy-related guests would be suited to the 2009 Conspiracy Big Brother House. Listeners join in and at one point a heavily-wounded fox wanders into the studio with a a photo of Coolio chewing a wasp, in its aching jaw and passes it casually to Menace who then reacts by instantly dancing like a stinging-nettle covered epileptic to the sounds of Crystal Waters' 90s classic, "Gypsy Women", even though the said song wasn't even playing. Supernatural!


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