Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Friday Night Live Show 4th Podcast

LIVE every Friday at 10pm GMT - 5pm EST

The fourth podcast - a very busy show !



The legendary producer and all-round stand-up guy Domingo, talks about his new, star-studded project and reveals too much about the KRS-One situation

Rass Kass steps in to expose his plans for 2007 and the title of his first proper street album in 6 years

The Snowgoonz speak to us live from a stage in Hamburg with The Pharcyde

New Jersey's El Da Sensai talks intergrity, grafitti and Tame One's drug problem

One of the greatest producers of our generation, Ski, joins us on the show to talk production, Camp Lo and the discovery of Jay Z back in the early 90s

Hip-hop's ultimate hustling force, Late from Wolftown Recordings,passes through to reveal the exclusive new Papoose mixtape on Wolftown and talk hustle,muscle and UK scene.

And that's not all!! Also underground emerging UK artist Cross Bone T steps in to talk Jehst, Immortal technique and more!

You cannot afford to miss this one!

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Friday Night Live Show Podcast 3

LIVE every Friday at 10pm GMT - 5pm EST

The third podcast - Hell Razah seeks the 'one' truth live on air!


Hell Razah talks about the ultimate Conspiracy and the history of religion

Jair Dynast joins us to talk about positivity in hiphop and how artists can make the change

Hoodz Underground's Menace drives home and then breaks down the history of one the UK's most consistant and long-lived groups

JAI and Diva Spark talk mixtape and much much more live on air with us

Weapon X reveals his new album track with us and we get the Prahject Persian Pussy Prowl essential update that was so rude and saucy that when we heard it, we cut the broadcast off air and allowed it to be an exclusive to this podcast only

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

The Friday Night Live Show Podcast 2

LIVE every Friday at 10pm GMT - 5pm EST

The second podcast - a definte download this one !


Cappadonna live interview - revealing about his 'airbrushing' from the last Wu album

The President of Dipset Records Freekey Zeekey talks business

Serius Jones talks Def Jam and DTP

OC lets off steam on air about the scene

The legendary Rob Swift tells us his history and where he is going in 2007

ALSO! Reh Dogg steps in to tell us all about his shower scenes and legendary videos

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Record Of The Waek Compilation 2007

This is a compilation of some of the gratest tracks we have been sent over the past few weeks.

True listener favourites all gathered together for the first time ever.

Some of these artists have won our prestigous Record Of The Waek Competition many weeks in a row

Quality tunes by quality artists - a new competition every week on the show at 11.30pm GMT.


1. Steven Hawkins Intro

1a. The Future Of HipHop

2. Dario Mukage - MC Scarface

3. On A Pill -MC Devvo

4. Refix -Bruks E

5. Kiss Myself - Roysta

6. Dirty Sheets -PCP

7. I'll Be Shitting Poo - The Cakka Man

8 . Big Girls Wont Cry - Ndubz (probably)

9 . Elderly Lady -Marga Man

10. Animal Lover - Nasty

11. Invisible Jail - Necro

12. Just Us - MC scarface n MC Cuz

13. Murkin Is Easy -Bruks E

14. Muma -Edzai

15. Donny Soldier - MC Devvo

16. Lips To The Floor -Dubbledge (Grime Pisstake)

17. Preteen Weekend - R Kelly

18. Shoulda Known -R Kelly

19. Tim Westwood Outro

20 . 10 Ways (The Slow Version) - MC Scarface (bonus track and right exclusive n that)

Grab It

The Friday Night Live Show - Compilation January 2007

The Friday Night Live Show broadcasts at Conspiracy Radio every Friday at 10pm GMT (5pm EST)

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Volume 1


1. Point Of No Return - Columbo Blakk

((Bonus Track) - Mindzeye)

2. Biters Block - Rugged Intellect

3. Wasnt Me Who Changed - ANP

4. Take Everything - DC Entel Ft. Billy Da Kid

5. Run-Weapon X and Mayo

6. I Stand For The World - Lazarus

7. Mindset - Jon Dough

8. 52 Shots - Kain Slim

9. Puzzle - Brother Ali

10. Year In Review2006 -Bekay

11. Fone Convo - Tef Co

12. Monsters - MR 45 The Boss

13. Heaven -Precha (produced by Baby J)

14. Give It Up - Ricta

15. Lost with no guidence - Liberation Army

16. My Little Diary -Korbel

17. Brainfood Allstars - DJ IQ

18. Monster -Clarity (Produced by Secondson)

19. Mind Games - Cross Bone T

20. The Day - Rebel Alliance

Download here - Grab It


Volume 2

1. Storm Bringer - DZK

2. BoneSmashinDaMonstarMob - NovaKane

3. Asshole & a creep - Grimlok ft Diabolic (exclusive)

4. Fall_from_paradise - Classified

5. So Sorry - Custom Made

6. Ol' Gooseberry's Confessions - Madd Cold

7. Mic Menace - DC & Jon Dough

8. Set Me Free -Krohme feat Krondon, Phil The Agony & Chico

9 . Not in my name

10. So Much To Learn (prod. by A-Bomb) - A Bomb

11. LiveFast(clean) -Shameless

12. Say hello (radio) - Alex Blood

13. I need a cig - Baron Samedi

14. Rudikuluz - Wizard (Feat. Scizzahz)

15. Crazy Lager - Mad Dog

16. Something wrong(radio) - Pheonix Quarter

17. Everytime we touch - Mic man Feat Invincible & N.E.V

18. Unamed - Jeluzz

19. Too many styles - mR t2IBBS

20. To Summer - Tha Fuz

21. On The Corner (Montana Mix) - MadSabre

Download here - Grab It

Please suport these artists and if you require any more information on any artists included then please get in touch via the myspace or MSN.

Enjoy and all feedback appreciated!