Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Record Of The Waek Compilation 2007

This is a compilation of some of the gratest tracks we have been sent over the past few weeks.

True listener favourites all gathered together for the first time ever.

Some of these artists have won our prestigous Record Of The Waek Competition many weeks in a row

Quality tunes by quality artists - a new competition every week on the show at 11.30pm GMT.


1. Steven Hawkins Intro

1a. The Future Of HipHop

2. Dario Mukage - MC Scarface

3. On A Pill -MC Devvo

4. Refix -Bruks E

5. Kiss Myself - Roysta

6. Dirty Sheets -PCP

7. I'll Be Shitting Poo - The Cakka Man

8 . Big Girls Wont Cry - Ndubz (probably)

9 . Elderly Lady -Marga Man

10. Animal Lover - Nasty

11. Invisible Jail - Necro

12. Just Us - MC scarface n MC Cuz

13. Murkin Is Easy -Bruks E

14. Muma -Edzai

15. Donny Soldier - MC Devvo

16. Lips To The Floor -Dubbledge (Grime Pisstake)

17. Preteen Weekend - R Kelly

18. Shoulda Known -R Kelly

19. Tim Westwood Outro

20 . 10 Ways (The Slow Version) - MC Scarface (bonus track and right exclusive n that)

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