Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Friday Night Live Show Podcast 3

LIVE every Friday at 10pm GMT - 5pm EST

The third podcast - Hell Razah seeks the 'one' truth live on air!


Hell Razah talks about the ultimate Conspiracy and the history of religion

Jair Dynast joins us to talk about positivity in hiphop and how artists can make the change

Hoodz Underground's Menace drives home and then breaks down the history of one the UK's most consistant and long-lived groups

JAI and Diva Spark talk mixtape and much much more live on air with us

Weapon X reveals his new album track with us and we get the Prahject Persian Pussy Prowl essential update that was so rude and saucy that when we heard it, we cut the broadcast off air and allowed it to be an exclusive to this podcast only

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Download here - Grab It


Download here - Grab It