Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Conspiracy Friday Night Live Podcast 70 - November 21st 2008 - The 2 Live Crew - Tanya Morgan - Chip Fu - Mr Lif and more! -

On this week's packed show we have live guests including:

The 2 Live Crew pass through to be 'as nasty as they wanna be' and chop it up on everything from their past to now!. Now consisting of Brother Marquis and Fresh Kid , minus a Luke Campbell. A new album is set to drop in 2009!. What better show and station than Conspiracy Worldwide's Friday Night Live Show for these guys to appear on and talk. Be prepared to be shocked!

Tanya Morgan take time out of their busy schedules to join Mista Montana and Menace to promote their upcoming album 'Brooklynatti'. While Tanya Morgan themselves claim that their name means "nothing and everything", we advise you to REMEMBER the name!. Tanya Morgan is a group that's leading Hip-Hop into its next decade admirably!. Check 'em out!.

Self proclaimed messiah to digital music Mickey Fakts joins us to promote his debut album. Perhaps best known from his song "Sick N Tired', Mickey was recently described by XXL magazine as a cross between Big Daddy Kane and Lupe Fiasco. Mickey has been setting the blogs on fire with consistently solid mixtapes and freestyles for a long time. Listen and learn!.

The voice of the people is back!!!. Mr. Lif will be stepping in to promote his upcoming album 'I heard it Today'. Lif recently put out 1-2 songs leading until Election Day (Nov 4th). it is this artistic commitment and connection that we at Conspiracy admire and applaud. Mr. Lif has his hands on the pulse of American society as he rhymes uncompromisingly about important issues that currently affect The States and THE WORLD!. A Friday night classic interview and a controversial interview at that, do not miss this!.

The legendary and extremely overlooked Chip Fu joins us to discuss upcoming solo and how he's stood the test of time. This year saw the one time member of The Fushnickens appear on more collaborations albums then most artists of his era. BLAQ-INK Entertainment is his company and tpuches on hsi new music set to drop in 2009 as well as his journey thus far!.



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