Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Conspiracy Friday Night Live Podcast 53 - June 20th 2008 - Madd Cold & 8 Bars Interview (A Conspiracy Classic)

Download The Full Uncensored Interview Here

Uprising emcee Madd Cold, is one of hip hop's most talented and inspiring writers. Not only does his voice convey the desperate frustration, he and thousands of like-minded truth speakers feel against our blanketed, media-led comfort-led worldwide existence, but his technical ability surpasses any emcee to come before him.

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8 Bars is a writers writer. His new release encapsulates every element of emceeing and along with his partner on this interview, he delivers a dreamy pair of 16s to aspire to.

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Within this feature-length interview, the truth is exposed regarding such often muted and ridiculed concepts as Bohemian Grove, the powers behind the Illuminati, Reptilians and so much more.

Certainly one of our most informed interviews to date - if you consider yourself to be a free-thinking human then you cannot afford to miss this one.