Saturday, June 28, 2008

***Previously Banned*** Conspiracy Worldwide Radio Rarities - Masterbation and Porn Special (heavily requested)

On a late, humid and rainy night in 2006, Mista Montana (at that time in his Amy Whinehouse days) and Menace were abruptly disturbed from their biscuit-trying session by a sudden call from a prolific Christian Leader, anti-porn therapist, who specialises in curing people from the evils of self-induced one-handed Ham-Shandys whilst viewing overpaid women receiving pleasure from underpaid men who can't get women.

Realising that the Conspiracy Team may be in need of a bit of rehab and moral guidance regarding this issue, the said Christian talent proceeded to answer questions on some of the most tasteless and degrading cases he has dealt with.

Far from a professional and politically correct venture, this particular interview has been hailed as one of Conspiracy Worldwides's most intriguing interviews.

To conclude, this rare interview, which was previously banned by all file sharing providers, is one of the most intimate 60 minutes that Mista Montana and Menace have ever spent with anyone, including their own love ones and family pets/biscuits

Its about wanking your knob and pornos - download it now!

download Mista_Montana_Talks_To_Christian.mp3

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