Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Friday Night Live Show Podcast 7

LIVE every Friday at 10pm GMT - 5pm EST

The seventh podcast - controversy is the issue on this one - all details censored


Ceepeso steps in and starts going on about the show bein 'great - wish he'd done it' n all this then falls down the back of the sofa

HHB Radio management join us to talk about only having maximum of 7 listeners ever and even give us the exclusive link to prove it - - copy and paste into your browser they kindly offered - bless em

Pyro Radiocome on to discuss what life is like being a wannabe 1xtra failure of a station with some of the most unprofessional and unentertaining DJs possible - evidenced by their 32 maximum listeners ever - good to admit failure so well done lads

Freeze FM owners are with us to defend local pirate radio and its limitations - they also express their joy at having listeners just North of London - well done lads

Radio One's Tim Westwood is in the house to talk hiphop,his un-natural obsession with Vince Macmahon and kettle chips (watch out for the section where he starts frenzid masterbation, chanting "Sideways Mavis, Sideways" in a Mexican accent) - he also talks about his massive hip hop reach and then accepts he is a pop music DJ and nothing to do with our beautiful hiphop culture

Necro's dad jumps on and starts piping on about Nazi supremecy to such an extent that we have to use swear words at him then cut him off like real men...

AND THATS NOT ALL - the highlight of this podcast is our special guest Trevor Nelson who joins us to talk about the happenings in RnB music and much much more - but then blinds us with his shiny fucking slaphead so much one of our crew members is still in Doncaster Royal Infrimiry with patches on his eyes and a thermometre up his arse! - the tacky,bi-sexual, sweet-talking swine!



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