Thursday, January 25, 2007

Hosted by Mista Montana and crew.

Tommorow Night! 10pm - 3am GMT 5pm - 9pm EST

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Show information 26/01/07

We were cut off last week due a powercut on our area - thankyou to all the guests for your patience!

Live guests tonight - Masta Ace, Stricklin, DNA, Motion Man, Substance Abuse, ATMA and even more to still confirm. -

Brand new music from : RZA new album, Apathy, Method Man, OC, Sadat X, Defari, Chino XL, Q Tip, Bash bros, DNA, RA The Rugged Man, X Clan, Ciph Barker, Custom Made, 45 The Boss, Weapon X, Rising Son,Baby J, Little Brother, Babu, Tef Co, Trusome, and many many more. PLUS ! Tonight we begin the Friday Flashback - 'Back to the 80s' as we showcase the foundations of our music each week - a new year per week.

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