Thursday, December 28, 2006

Conspiracy Worldwide Radio


“Conspiracy Worldwide is a non-profit 24-7 live radio station that specialises in real hip hop by artists with heart, talent and integrity.

In recognition that the music industry pollutes the essence of our beautiful hip hop culture with its trappings of money, politics and power - Conspiracy was founded in order to provide a strong, uncensored voice for those artists that create music with a message - meaningful music and words that can change the very nature of your perceptions of critical life issues.

Gone are the days of aimless, talentless, image-led record label prostitutes – each song they record as bland and unchallenging as the person they are imitating.

A change has occurred and Conspiracy Worldwide has helped cause it.

Remove money from the reasons you record music and suddenly you are faced with a type of hip hop where skill, originality and a message are paramount.

Such aesthetic elements as the cars you have in your music video, the women you have paid to pretend they adore you on camera, the amount of hired jewellery you wear, the big-named guest artists you have on your album because you aren’t strong enough to carry a track alone – all become irrelevant when the poison of money-making is taken from the equation.

Conspiracy Radio comes from the gutter – we know that. But from the grimy tower blocks of Nottingham in the UK has arisen a new force in the current hip hop scene. A force which has no boundaries and refuses to be silenced by political-correct drones and deaf and blind hip hop ‘consumers’

Hip hop is more than an industry – it’s a lifestyle. So Conspiracy takes the responsibility of presenting the most positive aspects of this lifestyle very seriously and attempts to use our beautiful hip hop culture in order to make a significance difference to people’s awareness of the negative aspects of world in which they live.

So welcome to the future in hip hop radio – Conspiracy Worldwide.

The Truth Hurts. “ (The Station CEO, Mista Montana )